Mind Games

Question of the day…

How far would I have gone?

Back story:  Years ago my extremely Type A husband placed a board in the garage so that when I felt the tires hit, it was my clue to stop.  I don’t understand what brought on this quirky idea but I vaguely remember that before the board, there was a tennis ball hanging from the ceiling which was another sign to stop.  (I know, I’m a saint)

I’ve honestly never hit anything (in the garage) so the only reason I can conjure up is that in his world (where everything has to be precise), this is the only way he can control how far I stay away from the wall or nowadays from the refrigerator.  This strange board/ tennis game eases his mind.

Sometimes, you just have to pick and choose your battles so I played along.

Board=Stop.  Got it.

Just like the Pavlov’s dog, I became conditioned to the stimuli (conditioned or unconditioned, I don’t know).

Board=Stop.  Got it.

Until today…

I slowly pulled into the garage inching up and inching up and inching up (wow, we are getting close) and inching up (my brain is not feeling the board) and inching up (the fridge seems to be right in my face) and ………………………………………where the hell is the board!?

I finally stopped (thankfully something clicked in my head) right before I hit the fridge but seriously, how far would I have gone?  Would I have just slammed into the fridge while I’m waiting to feel the tires hit the board?  Would I have gone through the fridge and directly through the wall and into the laundry room?  Maybe I would have just ended up in the dining room.  No telling how far I would have gone before my brain registered there is no board.

How can he just take the board away like that?

The mind games stop right here and right now.  My only question…

How long is going to take to re-program my brain?

No board=Stop.  I’ll get it (eventually).


This is after I scooted back a bit.  And by the way, I left it like that.  Just to prove a point.











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