Who am I?


Thursday March 16, 2017.

Today, I took part in a deep philosophical conversation at my ophthalmology appointment with the eyeglass technician.

For the life of me, I can’t remember how we got on this topic but we started discussing how as women, we kind of lose ourselves along the way. Most likely due to the fact we take care of everyone but ourselves. We forget whom we are and what we like to do.

This conversation stirred up some feelings within me that were deeply hidden in 5 years worth of almond M&M’s (FYI, Walgreens always has the “family size” on sale 2 for 1).

Who am I?

What do I want to do with my life?

So I decided to make a list of things I like to do:

  1. I like to take “15 minute” naps.
  2. I like dark chocolate and desserts of ALL kinds.  (shoutout again to Portillo’s chocolate cake)
  3. I like to watch TV. (not so much movies because I’ve developed a short attention span)
  4. I like delivery/take out food.  Mostly delivery.
  5. I like laid-back vacations. (room service and extremely short walks on the beach)
  6. I like plain and comfortable clothes. (fewer decisions to make and no binding)
  7. I like dogs but they’re so much work so I just watch the grand-pup.  (no commitment)
  8. I like soft cozy blankets.

My reaction after reviewing my list….

Holy Hell.  When did I turn 97?  Maybe it’s the company I keep (I love them).
Side note:  This is no means an insult to 97 year olds.  I was pretty close to one lovely 97 year old lady that always had way more energy than myself.  Man, I miss her.

What happened to me?

Why do I even own a Fit bit?  Or shoes for that matter.

Thank God, I’m not single. Can you imagine the types of people I would attract with this online dating profile?

Age:                               Older than your mom
Height:                         5’6  (I was 5’7 but I’m already shrinking due to lack of activity)
Body Type:                  Sluggish
Ethnicity:                    Sketchy
Drinks:                         Almond milk
For Fun:                       Gilmore Girls reruns
Last Read:                    Take-out menu
Favorite Hot Spots:   My couch

I decided to read the list again and maybe revise it.  Maybe I’ve overlooked something.

Nope, that’s the gist of it.

Am I clinically depressed? I don’t think so. I smile and laugh a lot.

Is this a middle age thing?  Maybe instead of buying a corvette, dying my hair an unnatural color for my skin tone and saturating myself in over-priced, stinky perfume; I’ve subconsciously just decided to chill the hell out.

Maybe I should get a check up. I’m telling you, a B12 shot would do me wonders. Or maybe I need some mega doses of Vitamin D.

I need a cleanse. That seems to fix everything these days. Cleanse the laziness right out of me.

Maybe I’m emotionally drained. Time to drain the swamp. That doesn’t even apply to this, does it? I can’t drain the people that drain me….right?

My friends blame it on the weather.  It’s definitely the weather.  Time to move south.

Anyway, I’m quickly approaching the big 5-0 so  I need to get my act together ASAP.

ASAP.  As soon as…. I wake up from a “15 minute” nap.


IMG_0566This picture encompasses almost all of my “like to do” list.
Who even took this picture?

















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