Vacation Food Diary

Vacation Food Diary
Day 1:  

8:00 am-I start the day with scrambled eggs, 1 piece of bacon and lots of water. 

( Feeling good about my choices and pumped up that this vacation I’m going to encompass all things healthy)

1:20-Fried grouper bites, seasoned French fries and unsweetened tea.

(Not very good but I can recover)

5:45-1 fish (grilled) taco, half a cup of rice and beans and unsweetened tea.

(I’m on fire)

7:23-Kilwins pistachio ice cream sundae.  

(Vacation treat)

10:12-Flamin Hot Cheetos and a Reese’s Crunch candy bar.

(7-11 is literally next door)

Notes: Today started off good but quickly went downhill. Tomorrow, I will start fresh and add more fruits and veggies to my diet.

Day 2:

7:15 am

Den: I could go for a donut.

Me: I want an eclair!

Den: If you rub my back, I’ll get you an eclair.

Guess who got their back rubbed this morning?

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