Memorial Day Heroes

Our family will never forget the day our son contacted and informed us that 3 of his Army brothers had been killed.  

This was the 2nd (one year) deployment that Troy was serving in Afghanistan.  

These 3 men were the people my son spent the most time with and it crushed us that he was so far away and that we couldn’t physically be with him at the worst time of his life.

Our hearts broke for their families.  

Their sons sacrificed their lives for us.  

They are heroes. 

But I suspect that doesn’t make their pain anymore bearable.

This Memorial Day please remember all the men and women that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country and for all those they left behind.  

“May we never forget freedom isn’t free”

#heroes #ultimatesacrifice #neverforget #army #memorialday #dianesoave 


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