Tips and Toes

As you know, my husband and I have moved a gazillion times.  I’ve said it so many times, I’m sick of hearing it myself so I can imagine how you feel.  But it’s either I tell you or I go to therapy.

Anyway, one thing (about moving) that is time consuming and annoying is finding new doctor’s.

Another thing that is even more unnerving is finding a new hair stylist and nail technician.

Shallow you say?  I say good hygiene.

So yesterday I had my first nail appointment at the “new” place.

Here’s what went right:

Stellar online reviews.

The establishment was very clean and looked updated and modern.

The nail tech was lovely and the sweetest lady on this planet.

The foot bath was the perfect temperature.

All tools were clean and packaged.

HGTV Fixer Upper was on the TV.  Score!

Not too crowded.  I hate crowds.

She didn’t talk my ear off.  I thrive on peace and quiet.

Everything seemed to go well.

I thanked her, paid my bill and drove home.

After I arrived home, the light in my bathroom revealed she forgot to polish a toe and a half, one toe was bubbled and the polish was all around the top and bottom of my nails.

My 2 -year-old nephew could have done a better job (he’s pretty good with the jumbo crayons)

Wish me luck.  Tomorrow is my first hair appointment.





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