Couch Crush Sunday

Let me tell you about my couch aka best friend?

If it was human, it’d be described as average looking, big but doughy, lacking personality but reliable and extremely comfortable to be around.  

Maybe a little too comfortable. I need it like I needed my blankie as a child.

I acquired (stole) this couch from my son. If you leave furniture in my rental home and it’s comfortable, it automatically becomes mine. Actually, he’s so nice, he just gave it to me.

Anyway, I think it’s time to buy new furniture but my heart is breaking just thinking about letting this big lug go.

Please comment with a picture of your couch and maybe it’ll inspire me to get off the couch and go furniture shopping.

#couch #furnitureshoppingsucks #ilovemycouch #blankie #couchpotato #notpretty #sad #reliablefriend #comfy #illmissit #cuddly #dianesoave #nofilter 


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