My First Born

Running across so many great memories while unpacking.In September this picture will be 31 years old and so will the beautiful baby in the fancy bonnet.

This is the day we brought her home but first we had to stop off at my parents house in the neighborhood I grew up in. 

I’d guess there were no less than 10-15 people to welcome her into the world and pass her around like an Italian bread basket.

These people (you know who you are) in one way or another, helped us raise her. It really does take a village and it makes my heart happy that so many people loved/love her.

When I messaged her this picture she was drinking coffee and waiting on the repair guy.

Wait. What? Coffee? House stuff? Just yesterday she was brand spanking new.

I have to go now. My allergies seem to be acting up. 


#newborn #baby #myfirstborn #allgrownup #wheredoesthetimego #intheblinkofaneye #shesbeautiful #iwassoyoung #timeflies #ittakesavillage #thosewerethedays #lovemyhometown #lovemyoldneighborhood #grewuptogether #misstheolddays #enjoyeveryminute #dianesoave

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