Grandpa’s Toy

Fourteen years ago, my brother died at the young age of 38 of a massive heart attack.  

He left two young children behind who are now adults and my nephew has a beautiful family of his own.  

My brother was the type of guy that would have been an amazing and fun grandpa, maybe even a bit mischievous at times.

Our family has had strange but beautiful reminders that he visits from time to time especially when it comes to my two-year-old great nephew.  Believe it or not, it would appear that my brother and his grandson have playdates at random times whether it be day or night.

So, check this out.

Every once in a while, I like to send my great nieces and nephew clothes or toys.  While my husband and I were in the process of moving, we ate out more than usual.  Stopping at McDonald’s one day, I ordered a “Happy Meal” because for some reason, I didn’t want an adult size meal.  I told Den I’d keep the toy that was included in the meal and throw it in one of the packages that I send to the kids.  It was wrapped in plastic and I didn’t even really look at it.

My brother was a tile setter by trade and ate out a lot especially at McDonald’s.

My niece messaged me to say thank you for the package that I sent and asked if I had seen the “birthdate” on the stuffed animal from McDonald’s.  I informed her that I had not even looked at the toy.

She sent me this picture.


 December 12th is the day my brother was born.

Some may say coinkydink, I say…you’re wrong.  (I’m feeling sassy today)

Be open and aware…the signs are there.




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