Just being Quirky

As a teenager, I wanted to be Joan Collins. I’m not even kidding. You can ask my friend (Gina). She’ll tell you that I dressed up in a skirt and heels to go to the airport on our way to Florida one year. It didn’t last long because being Joan Collins is a lot of work.

Another phase during my teenage years was punk rock. My brother and I were self-proclaimed punk rockers.  We took it as far as our mother allowed us to.

She’s such a buzz kill.

Anyway, how do you go from wanting to be Joan Collins to being a punk rocker?

I assume that most young people go through different phases trying to figure out who they are. If I could give my younger self one piece of advice it’d be this…Just be yourself.  Don’t worry about what other people think.  That’s actually two pieces of advice.

I recently asked my husband to describe me in one word.

Without hesitating he said quirky.  I was legit surprised!

MUWAH, quirky?!

So of course, I had to look up the definition.

This is what I found.

Quirky:  Unusual in an attractive and interesting way. 

Characterized by peculiar and unexpected traits.

Damn, I hate when he’s right.

Anyway…. Be You.


World Chocolate Day

I’d like to thank chocolate for…

Helping me celebrate every holiday and special occasion known to man.

Being there for me when I’m feeling down, frustrated, angry or stressed out.

Last but definitely not least…for boosting my heart health. Yes, it’s a real thing.

Here’s to you chocolate! I’ll just be over here helping you celebrate this special day. 🍫 🍫

*I don’t know who to thank for this picture.

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Reading glasses

You know you’re reaching the middle of middle age and heading towards senior status when you buy reading glasses in bulk so that you have a pair in every room of the house including the garage.

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Change is Good

My husband thrives on change and progress and he’s super intense, aggressive and motivated. It’s exhausting at times but then I look back on the experiences and the life he’s created (with my help, of course) for us and it’s really hard to legitimately complain.

We make all our big decisions together and we balance each other out (otherwise, we’d be living in Zimbabwe).  

He pushes me outside my comfort zone. I push back. He bribes me with fabulous gifts and prizes and in the end, I sincerely thank him for making my life richer.  

Take chances.  

If it doesn’t work, it’s okay. There’s always plan B.  

No regrets.


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Couch Crush Sunday

Let me tell you about my couch aka best friend?

If it was human, it’d be described as average looking, big but doughy, lacking personality but reliable and extremely comfortable to be around.  

Maybe a little too comfortable. I need it like I needed my blankie as a child.

I acquired (stole) this couch from my son. If you leave furniture in my rental home and it’s comfortable, it automatically becomes mine. Actually, he’s so nice, he just gave it to me.

Anyway, I think it’s time to buy new furniture but my heart is breaking just thinking about letting this big lug go.

Please comment with a picture of your couch and maybe it’ll inspire me to get off the couch and go furniture shopping.

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